Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fondant cakes of the month!

 The second Buffy the Vampire cake I've made this year!  The cake was lemon-blueberry with lemon frosting beneath the fondant.  
9" round cake

Also the second Etch-A-Sketch cake of the year - with funfetti cake covered in chocolate frosting underneath the fondant!
9" x 13" Sheet Cake

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn in Cake!

Its been a busy summer and an even busier fall, but here are some of my favorites that I made over the last few months!  My favorite cake by far that I have worked on this season is the wedding cake below.  The cake itself was red velvet, and the silhouettes were based on the actual couple, Jackie and Spencer.

Tier sizes for this cake were 14", 12", and 10".

A haunted gingerbread house cake made for a Halloween party! 
The steps are brownies, and the shingles were made from sunflower seeds.

 Etch-A-Sketch birthday cake for two good friends.  
The silver effect was achieved with a silver shimmer powder dusted over gray fondant.

A birthday cake for Melissa with a frosting rendition of her favorite cat!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Springtime Cakes!

Its been a busy spring!

Fondant fruits & veggies I created decorate Alice's birthday cake.

Simple vanilla/chocolate wedding cake, 6" x 8"x 12"

Buffy themed birthday cake for Marguerite!

 Fireworks / tie dye themed fondant cake for my niece Natalie's 9th birthday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

This Winter in Cake!

Chinese New Year Carrot Cake. 2011: Year of the Rabbit

In NYC, 2011, Year of the Rabbit, has been quite a year thus far in blizzards, snowstorms, and cake, and although I have made numerous cakes, this post includes a few cake highlights from the last two months:

A birthday cake for Cassandra, celebrating her amazing cat Isis.

Simple Lemon Cake

Birthday cake for Ashley, guardian of the infamous Mongo, a.k.a Lord Underbite.
See photo below for explanation of everything you need to know about Mongo, designed by Andy:

This was ordered for someone who reportedly caught their hair on fire from the previous year's birthday cake.
Hence, the flames! Marbleized orange, yellow, and red fondant for the fire effect.  Dusted with edible gold shimmer dust. 

This cake was for my father's birthday, and is the logo of his alma mater, Manhattan College, and their mascot.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Fundraiser

Inspired by the logo of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, I made mini jolly roger cakes covered in black fondant for their Winter Wonderland bakesale fundraiser.  The filling was a vanilla buttercream, with two layers of chocolate cake underneath.  These 3" mini cakes were tedious, but worth the end result.  I ran out of black fondant, and decorated the remainder of the mini cakes with chocolate ganache and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Instead of using small cake molds, I actually made two large sheet cakes and cut them into even 3" squares, then split the layers in half and filled with frosting.

Thundercats & Spiderman!

I've had an idea for a while, that it would be so fun if someone opened up a shop that was both a superhero-themed vegan bakery, and a comic book shop.  Until that happens, I'll just make these cakes!

I made this cake for New Year's Eve, for no good reason other than I've been waiting for a good excuse to make a Thundercats cake for well over a year, now!  I didn't have time to make a transfer sheet, so I eyeballed the design and drew it freehand with a toothpick first, and then drew the black outlines and filled them in with color.  This was a fun cake to make, and I forced my roommates to eat the remainder of it over the course of a week.  By the end of the week, they were officially sick of cake and even more sick of frosting.  It happens.

This Spiderman cake was for my nephew Daniel's 4th birthday, and since he's such a huge fan, I couldn't think of a better cake to make for him.  I also drew the pattern onto this cake with a toothpick, eyeballing a picture I had of the superhero.  I used a #14 star tip to fill in the red, and a similar medium star tip for the border.  Using a #5 writing tip, I made the body of the spiders, and made their legs with the tiny #1 tip.  He was excited when he saw the cake lit up with candles, so I considered it a success.