Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 Cakes are Better than 1: Tiered Cakes

If you're like me, maybe you've wondered how one could stack two or three (or more!) cakes together without the layers toppling over or squishing the ones below.  Well, wonder no more!  If cakes are small or light enough, such as the 2-tiered cakes I've included below, you can simply stack the layers together without reinforcing with wooden dowels.  

This cake was designed to be the prize for the winner of this club's card tournament.  The trophy came from a party store as a party favor, and was secured to the top with buttercream.  The bead border was made using a #12 round tip.  This cake was small enough that I did not need to reinforce with dowels.  The bottom tier was 8" and the top was 5".
Another smaller cake that was possible to stack and transport two hours without dowels for reinforcement.  The buttons were made by cutting out fondant circles.  This cake was for Hilari's baby shower which had a "Cute as a Button" theme.

For cakes that are larger, such as the wedding cake below, you'll want to reinforce the layers by inserting support dowels which you can trim to the perfect size with a knife or wire clippers.  As a final measure of security, you can insert a dowel that runs the entire height of all tiers combined through all layers so that they do not shift during transportation.

This was for Andy and Courtney's wedding.  I assembled the layers after transporting them separately since it was a long drive on bumpy roads from Brooklyn to Long Island.  The sizes of the tiers are 8", 12", and 14" as the base.  The cake was mocha flavored with raspberry preserve filling.

Some helpful information about assembling tiered cakes, and advice on transporting them.

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