Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun with Fondant

Fondant is an easy way to make cakes look elegant.  You can purchase it pre-colored, or buy white fondant and color it yourself with food dye.  It has a texture similar to clay, so it is quite easy to work with and stretches to fit the shape of your cake.  

Some fondant basics can be found here.

Here are some cakes that I decorated using fondant:

Someone asked me to make this for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, so I made it bright and colorful to go with their style.

This was the ultimate Valentine's Day cake and probably my most favorite cake that I've ever created.  Black fondant adds a nice touch as it is not a color that you typically see on cake.  The red hearts and outline are fondant that I cut into strips with a roller that resembles a pizza cutter.  The ghost was piped on by drawing an outline with a #3 tip and filling it in with a small #14 star tip. 

I colored this fondant by swirling blue and red fondant into a larger mass of white fondant.

This was for Gina, in celebration of a pinecone she illustrates about named Piney.  The pinecone was made with slivered almonds which I stuck to buttercream frosting on top of the pink fondant.

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